About Us

Annie and Courtney are the owners and operators of Little Whimsy Trove. They live in a small rural town called Williams in Western Australia. They have a combined love for chooks and between them could feed a small village with the eggs they produce.

Annie is passionate about whole foods and loves providing nourishing food for her family. She enjoys grounding her kids in nature and loves any opportunity to go on camping adventures.

Courtney has a real passion for her veggie patch and if she’s not out helping on their cattle farm, you’ll find her planting out seeds. She also likes to make bread by hand and has passed down the love of artisan bread making to her eldest son.

When they aren’t together busily building their business, you’ll find them taking their kids on nature walks through the Dryandra bushlands. 

The concept of Little Whimsy Trove became their dream after having the desire to make small world and open-ended play simplified, nature based and Australian Made. Little Whimsy Trove hopes the passion and love they’ve poured into creating their natural range flows into your child’s creativity as they immerse themselves into their own world of imagination.


“Unstructured, Open-Ended Play is where the MAGIC of Childhood HAPPENS.” ALANA PACE